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AuditRunner Advantages


Respond easily to organizational shifts, competitive threats, industry innovations, and regulatory changes. Operate in a responsive manner in today‘s fast-moving, ever-changing environment.


Scale up or across using our modules. Use and pay for what you need.

Fast Deployment​

Deploy within weeks. Everything is web-based. Access the same content and function using any kind of device, without installation, in any language.

Auto-Generated Reports

Internal Audit Report, Heat, and Opportunity Maps are auto-generated as all info is collected on the platform.


Move from a one-size-fits-all to a one-size-fits-one software approach. We are in 2021. Customization is key in adapting to unexpected disruptions.


Bring together, auditors and audited departments alike. Address the requirements of the entire user community.


Establish integrations with any third-party system or software for two-way data stream and automation scenarios.

Core and Complementary Modules

Whether we start small and grow big with you or we start big and evolve together, it is a journey of a lifetime in partnership.
Our role is to provide the building blocks to pave the way for success of any business.

Internal Audit

Process-based, risk-oriented internal audit administration in line with IIA standards.

  • Process Risk Assessments
  • Process Audits
  • Investigations
  • Ethical Breach Reporting
  • Auto generate audit reports

Risk & Controls

Build up your company-wide risk inventory and control environment.

  • Risk & Opportunity Management
  • Risk Inventory & Heatmap
  • Control Environment
  • Internal Control Activities
  • Auto generate heat maps

Quality Assurance

Establish quality accreditations and execute specialized activities.

  • Quality Assurance Audits
  • Customer Complaints ISO9001
  • Corrective Actions ISO9001
  • Information Assets ISO27001
  • Business Continuity


Ensure compliance with legislations and collect all data in a single system.

  • Compliance Audits
  • Responsibility Management
  • Liability Management
  • Personal Data Inventory
  • Data Protection Compliance

Standards & Regulations Catalog

Compile governing regulations and standards associated with documents and literature.

BPM Modeling

Model flow charts of processes with BPMN2 notation, create RACI and SIPOC matrices.

Document Manager

Digitalize & archive all printed documents, create automation scenarios.

e-Training & e-Survey

Create and distribute training materials, tests, and surveys. Evaluate results and issue certificates.

Process Catalog

Compile business processes associated with documents and flowcharts.​

Action Follow-up

Track the progress of action plans for findings, risk mitigation, and other activities.

Document Editor

Create, manage, revise, and publish all internal documentation.

Meeting Manager

Organize and execute meetings, create meeting minutes, and assign action plans.

AuditRunner Complete Risk

Comprehensive Risk Assessment

Register risks on processes with inherent residual and target risk assessments. Associate controls, add SWOT analysis.

Define risk tolerance and risk appetite statements along with key risk and performance indicators.

Assign action plans to achieve target risk. Associate information assets and link standards & regulations.

Heat Maps

Populate the heat map automatically. Filter the heat map by department, process, risk level, and others.

Consolidate multiple heat maps into a single one. Create separate heat maps for different functions such as ERM, Quality Management, HSE, and IT Risk Management.

Opportunity Inventory

Register opportunities on processes with inherent residual and target opportunity assessments. Associate enhancing controls, add SWOT analysis and Monte Carlo Simulations.

Assign action plans to achieve target opportunity. Associate information assets and link standards and regulations.

Comply with standards

Work in compliance with COSO 2013 Framework and ISO 31000 Risk Management Standard. Satisfy ISO 9001:2015 requirements.

Compile controls with ease

Define controls on processes with detailed attributes, associate these with risks and opportunities. Compile the questions that determine the effectiveness of the control. Assign business units as control owners.

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65% of business application development activity is expected to be low-code by 2024.

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