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Data Protection Compliance

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Manage Data Protection Compliance

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AuditRunner DPC Advantages

Single Platform

Data Protection Compliance is not only managing a data inventory. Manage all compliance activity on a unified platform.


Engage all business units in Data Protection Compliance operations

DPC & beyond

Go beyond GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, KVKK...Take the step to digitalize business processes in your organization with technology AuditRunner provides.


Real-time reporting with snapshot of Data Protection Compliance Status anytime.

Operation & Risk Management

Organization-wide real-time risk analysis with detailed reports.

Your data is rapidly changing.

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Do-it-yourself methods:

  • Spreadsheets, Word Processing, e-mails, drives… There is no overall thread to bring these documents together to form a healthy Personal Data Inventory.

  • Not easy to satisfy compliance requirements other than Data Inventory.

  • The most valuable asset of today‘s world, data, is lost, misplaced or not in searchable format. 

  • Users heavily rely on manual work which is prone to mistakes in gathering, distributing and archiving of data.

  • Reports are not easy to generate.

Multiple Software Solutions

  • These are simple inventory and document management software and mostly do not have Action Follow-up capabilities.

  • They are not specifically designed for Data Protection Compliance and do not cover operational functions like Incident, Request and Destruction Management.

  • They are often not customizable or lack in compatibility with other tools used in the enterprise system.

  • A fragmented approach using multiple tools leaves the users and IT departments having to deal with different user interfaces, data types, installation challenges, accessibility and overall system integrity issues.

Data Protection Compliance Software

  • Categorically they are focused on a single set of regulations.

  • Generally, they are designed for the sole use of Data Protection Compliance teams.

  • They do not provide a general infrastructure for company wide  digitalization of processes beyond being another compliance tool.

     Up to date Collaborative      Compliant with AuditRunner

Data Protection Compliance Suit

Comply with data protection regulations, getting all responsible business units on board. Go beyond thousands of rows of Excel Sheets to manage all DPC operations from a single interface.

Data Inventory
Incident Management
Request Management
Data Destruction Management
Information Assets
Regulations Catalog
Process Catalog
Easy to Navigate Interface
Systems Integration

Personal Data Inventory with AuditRunner

Are you having trouble with keeping information up to date on spreadsheets, following-up or getting real-time reports...


Process-based Inventory

Integrated with the Process Catalog, listing all company-wide processes

Related Persons

Assign owners to the personally identifiable data processed in your organization’s activities with each process.

Processed Data

Track data processed in each process, with the details of legal basis for processing, duration of storage, and destruction method.

Storage & Backup

Designate where each processed data (file, folder, server, software etc.) is stored and backed up.

Data Sharing

Track processed data sharing within or outside of the organization, with location details on user level.

Precautionary Measures

Enter measures taken to protect the processed data and prevent any data breach

Legal Basis

Track basis of data processing on the standards and regulations that govern the organization


Compose and publish Consent and Clarification documents

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Incident Management

Be ready to manage any incident in a timely manner to avoid non-compliance. • Evaluate details, assign action plans and manage Data Breach Notifications in 72 hours.

• Create Notification Form and send it to the governing authorities automatically.

• Manage Tracking Notifications

• Manage & Follow-up Declarations

• Track Action Follow-up tasks

Data Destruction

Data Destruction Management

With AuditRunner Data Destruction Module, manage all legally required or individually requested data destruction activities on a single platform.

• Assign and track destruction tasks.

• Automatically store who, what, when details of the destruction process.

• Collect evidence and destruction or non-destruction details.

• Detailed dashboards and performance analysis

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Request Management

AuditRunner Request Management Module is designed to handle incoming requests from data owners, forward these to related departments and track the status of each request.

• Respond within the legally required Response Window to data owners.

• Integrate with web sites and e-mail systems for automation.

• Trigger other modules for further action.

Beyond Compliance

AuditRunner is an Internal Audit, Risk, Compliance, and Quality Management Software.

For the past 5 years, we have been working with organizations enabling them to manage their operations in a transparent and efficient way on a global scale. 

You may see on the left some of the ways we have helped our Clients achieve their goals.

AuditRunner Data Protection Module provides the flexibility  needed for compliance with any regulation around the globe. 

AuditRunner, forms the infrastructure needed to include all business units in a collaborative enabling them to create value, to manage and store this value digitally, thus increasing overall organizational efficiency. 

AuditRunner DPC is not only for compliance with a certain regulation but to move to a digitally integrated organizational structure.

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Data Protection Compliance with AuditRunner