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Auditrunner offers granular encryption and role-based access control for audit files and documents at-rest. All data transfers are protected.


We have automated 3000+ business processes for enterprises around the world. Our GRC platform modules are just a few of them. Cloud-based or On-Premise, deploy and start using.


Hassle-free integration process enables you to enjoy the benefits of the platform within weeks of kickoff . The low-code platform we are built upon is fully customizable and allows for compliance with any standard or regulation. 


Operate in a responsive manner in today’s  fast-moving, ever-changing regulatory environment and comply with multitude of different legislation instantly without the need for assistance. The ease of use we offer is unmatched.

Modular structure

Core and Complimentary Modules

Whether we start small and grow big with you or we start big and evolve together, it is a journey of a lifetime in partnership. 
Our role is to provide the building blocks to pave the way for success of any business.

Internal Audit

Administer all your internal audit activities on Auditrunner’s process-based, risk-oriented internal audit module. In line with IIA standards.

Risk Management

Associate risks with control points, accredited certification standards and governing regulations, along with information inventory assets. Allows for ISO 31000 Accreditation.

Internal Controls

Define Controls for any process of any department, with control description, control target, key control, control function, automation and frequency details. In line with COSO 2013 Framework.

Quality Assurance

Manage Quality accreditation through audit activities, corrective and preventive actions and registering customer complaints.

Compliance Audit

With our Criteria based audit architecture execute audit activities for any regulation, collect findings and generate reports automatically.

Regulatory Compliance

Compose your regulatory checklist such as for SOX Compliance, define obligations, associated with risks and assign action plans to business units.

Data Protection Compliance

Ensure compliance with Data Protection Regulations such as CCPA and GDPR. Compile Personal Data Inventory. Compose data breach reaction plans and manage data destruction policies.

Business Continuity Compliance

Execute Business Impact Analysis and ensure compliance with ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management Standard.

Information Asset Inventory

Compile Information Asset Inventory ensure compliance with ISO 27001 Information Security Management Standard.

Document Management

Create, manage, revise and distribute all internal documentation on a single platform using the advanced document manager and text editor.

Business Process Management (BPM) Modeling

Model flow charts of processes with BPMN2 notation, create RACI and SIPOC matrices, associate attributes such as risks, controls, info assets.

Action Plan Follow-up 

Report and track progress of all action plans created for findings, nonconformities, regulations and manual entries on all Auditrunner modules.

Enterprise Memory

Automatic audit trail feature keeps track of action and time details of all tasks and applications on the platform. Compile all documentation with revision details.

Process Catalog

Compile all internal company processes along with associated documents, flow charts, and other GRC elements.

Regulation & Standards Catalog

Compile all governing regulations and standards along with associated documents, literature and other GRC elements.

Certification Management

Manage device and application compliance against a pre-defined set of standards and issue unique electronic certificates.

Meeting Management

Organize and execute meetings, create meeting minutes and assign action plans on the platform.

Training & Survey

Create and distribute training material, test and surveys. Evaluate results and issue certificates.

Ethical Breach Reporting

Enable anonymous and encrypted employee ethical breach reporting.

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