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Unmatched capabilities

Secure Low-Code Platform

Auditrunner is designed to provide a secure, user-friendly, low-code software platform on which users can create complex applications with minimal coding knowledge.

The architecture allows organizations of all sizes to interconnect people and systems to design and run audit, risk, control, compliance, quality assurance, and other related processes seamlessly.

Audit teams customize and repurpose the modules easily to respond to regulatory changes in an ever-changing regulatory environment.


We are a software company with specific expertise in Security and Privacy, not a stand-alone App. We adopt a role-based access control (RBAC) defined around roles and privileges of individuals. Identify and enforce access control based on the geographic location of incoming traffic.

Get compliant with data protection regulations such as CCPA and GDPR.

User Friendly

Auditrunner provides a state-of-the-art web-based responsive UI that lets users access the same content using any kind of device with a web browser. End-users do not have to do installation.

This removes the extra costs associated with mobile view development, separate mobile access licenses, and provides an omni-channel user experience with any device, anywhere, any time.


We offer an enterprise-wide solution, not a stand-alone audit or quality App.

The collaborative infrastructure we offer brings together all departments/offices of a company wherever they may be located and allows for painless collaboration between executives, process users, administrators, and IT teams.

We support multiple end-user languages for a seamlessly customized personal experience beyond any regional barriers. On our platform, every user can speak a different language yet they all communicate the same.

Simply Complex

The underlying low-code platform is fully customizable and allows users to build intuitive apps with simple drag-and-drop. 

Low-code makes it easy to migrate older applications into service-oriented structures, thus a company can upgrade and integrate internal systems for a modern approach. 

The platform is designed to provide a single comprehensive web interface that encompasses all facets of a process lifecycle – analysis, modeling, simulation and continuous enhancement – and to eliminate the need for people to learn and use multiple different systems and applications. 

Industry Adaptation

The current industries we operate in are:

  • banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), 
  • government,
  • healthcare, manufacturing,
  • retail and consumer goods,
  • energy and utilities, telecom and information technology (IT),
  • transportation and logistics.

As our architecture allows for endless customization, different industrial requirements do not constitute a barrier to fully enjoy the benefits we offer.


Data shows a significant number of companies still prefer using legacy software or over the counter solutions such as spreadsheets for their GRC needs, citing concerns on difficulty in transition or security.

Addressing these concerns, Auditrunner offers secure Cloud-based or On-Premise deployment. Regardless of the deployment method chosen the hassle-free integration process enables you to enjoy the benefits of the platform within weeks of kickoff than months.


Operate in a responsive manner in today’s  fast-moving, ever-changing regulatory environment and comply with a multitude of different legislation instantly without the need for assistance.

With the support of Auditrunner’s flexible easy to use drag-and-drop interface, users or IT teams do not need to rely on 3rd parties to create infrastructure to comply with regulatory changes. The platform allows for rapid and  frequent modifications to active processes.


The architecture allows organizations of all sizes to interconnect people and systems to design and run audit, risk, control, compliance, quality assurance, and other related processes seamlessly.

The modular structure we offer helps companies design the software according to their needs and allows for the addition of other modules. This is also true for the number of users and departments. We are here to serve organizations of all sizes. 


Auditrunner offers integration with:



Oracle ERP

Office 365




Oracle ERP


UDDI-based Integration Interfaces

SOA based web services


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For each Demo, Auditrunner will donate $20 to support Water.org to change lives with safe water. This will create $1320 worth of impact.​