Query Analyzer

Integrate with Data Sources

Extract data from any data source, including your analytics tool. Use the data to sample, single out findings and non-conformities or to pinpoint certain suspicious items in certain areas to investigate.

Dynamic Scripting

You can build or ask AuditRunner Team to build dynamic database scripts to work on your data set or sets, on demand or automatically for continuous monitoring, 100% population testing and deeper analysis of data.

Link Results with Audit Flow

We link these results to the rest of your audit flow. You can engage business units to provide responses and get statements. At the Fieldwork step you can execute data queries for your tests and have them automatically documented. You can document the results as observations.

Structured, Searchable Data

The same extracted data set can dynamically be used to search certain other data points. Since this is structured data the results can be exported as excel or can be automatically incorporated into reports or dashboards for presentations.

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