Internal Audit

Process Risk Assessment

Simply complete annual risk assessments of the processes. Determine which of those processes should be included in the annual audit plan.

Audit Universe

Assign planned and ad-hoc process audits and various other activities to the audit team as simple tasks.

Auditors execute their activities on these tasks and Auditrunner will automatically generate custom reports for each activity type.
View the annual audit plan timetable with details such as, planned and actual start and completion dates and resource allocation on a single screen.

End-to-end Audit Activity

Execute process audits in line with IIA instructions, with steps including preliminary work, opening meeting, fieldwork, closing meeting, management statement, and report preparation.

Compile findings during fieldwork and get management statements from business units. Send meeting minutes to the attendees automatically. Prepare executive summary and distribute it along with the automatically generated audit report.

Generate Reports Automatically

Audit reports with your corporate template and in line with IIA instructions are generated and distributed automatically.

Create, distribute and archive different types of reports for different types of activities, such as investigation, consultancy, and analysis.

Listen For A Cause:

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