Quality Assurance

Criteria Based Audit​

State of the art criteria based audit architecture enables you to execute audit activities on any set of standard, collect findings and generate reports automatically.

Define accredited certification standards. Determine related criteria and associated departments for these standards. Create questionnaires for audit activities where the question set is automatically sent to the auditor as an “audit task”.

When the auditor executes his/her activity on this task, the audit report is generated automatically.

Quality Assurance

Create corrective and preventive action plans for nonconformities, assign them to department heads and track their progress on action plan follow-up. Associate CPAs with customer complaints and management review meetings.

Organize management review meetings, share meeting agendas with attendees. Compose and distribute meeting minutes, define to-do lists and assign tasks accordingly while tracking their progress on action plan follow-up.

Business Continuity Compliance

Execute Business Impact Analysis and ensure compliance with ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management Standard.

Information Asset Inventory

Compile Information Asset Inventory, ensure compliance with ISO 27001 Information Security Management Standard.

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