Criteria Based Audit​

State of the art criteria based audit architecture enables you to execute audit activities on any regulation, collect findings and generate reports automatically.

Define governing regulations. Determine related criteria and associated departments for these regulations. Create questionnaires for audit activities where the question set is automatically sent to the auditor as an “audit task”.

When the auditor executes his/her activity on this task, the audit report is generated automatically.

Data Protection Compliance

Ensure compliance with Data Protection Regulations such as CCPA and GDPR. Compile Personal Data Inventory. Compose data breach reaction plans and manage data destruction policies.

Regulation & Standards Catalog

Compile all governing regulations and standards along with associated documents, literature, and other GRC elements.

Regulatory Compliance

Compose your regulatory checklist, such as, for SOX Compliance, define obligations, associated with risks and assign action plans to business units.

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