Internal Systems

Secure Document Management

Create, manage, revise and distribute all your documents on a single platform without using word processing and spreadsheets.

Collaboratively create documents and send for approval. Keep track of reading activity.

Create different content and format templates for different types of documents.

Action Plan Follow-up

Report and track progress of all action plans created for findings, nonconformities, and manual entries on all Auditrunner modules. Follow up with phone calls or e-mails is not neccessary.

Auditrunner assigns a 'Follow-up Task' along with the pre-defined deadline to the action owner for a finding, a non-conformity, or a regulation entry, approved by the senior management. For follow-up Auditrunner sends periodic notifications to action owners as the deadline approaches. Keep track of real-time status of action plans with infographics. 

Enterprise Memory

Auditrunner keeps all documents and form data with revision details. The automatic audit trail feature keeps track of all details of all tasks and applications.

Information on task creator with creation time, assignee task completion time and deadline adherence status details can be queried.

Automatic performance tracking exposes the bottlenecks of a process in an intuitively clear way.

Enterprise Memory forms the data warehouse for business data analytics, process mining, complex event processing, business performance management, predictive analytics, and prescriptive analytics.

Information Asset Inventory

Compile Information Asset Inventory, ensure compliance with ISO 27001 Information Security Management Standard.

Business Process Management (BPM) Modeling

Model flow charts of processes with BPMN2 notation, create RACI and SIPOC matrices, associate attributes such as risks, controls, info assets.

Process Catalog

Compile all internal company processes along with associated documents, flow charts, and other GRC elements.

Regulation & Standards Catalog

Compile all governing regulations and standards along with associated documents, literature, and other GRC elements.

Certification Management

Manage device and application compliance against a pre-defined set of standards and issue unique electronic certificates.

Meeting Management

Organize and execute meetings, create meeting minutes, and assign action plans on the platform.

Training & Survey

Create and distribute training materials, tests and surveys. Evaluate results and issue certificates.

Listen For A Cause:

For each Demo, Auditrunner will donate $20 to support to change lives with safe water. This will create $1320 worth of impact.​