How Auditrunner helped Ozgun integrate GRC functions & data base across the organization to achieve transparency

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The Case of Özgün

Özgün is the trusted distributor of many different brands in its geography since 1995. These include, Procter&Gamble, ACE(Fater), Duracell(Berkshire Hathaway), Dogadan (Coca Cola).

Auditrunner interviewed with Sumeyye Kaya, Head of Internal Audit department, on how, by integrating their operations and including all players from the audited to the executive into the system, they achieved increased transparency.

Özgün is overlooking thousands of transactions on behalf of many esteemed brands so has a lot of pieces to consider to make sure of the integrity of the process vital to the organization.

Like many GRC units operating without an integrated software solution, they were using a combination of one off applications and manual methods. The team often struggled to keep track of incidents and responses and had very little time to gain insight into trends. On the team level, they were looking for ways to collect, communicate and store this data to achieve full visibility across the board.

"Before using AuditRunner, follow-up was time consuming and there were many problems in integrating our data."

They knew it was time to implement a more structured system to reduce the risks and increase transparency as well as collaboration across their organization.

The Solution

The search for an integrated GRC solution began.

“Many of the solutions we looked at were focusing on simpler, separate components. Auditrunner was extremely flexible and customizable and at the same time offered an integrated solution.”

As a team that’s expected to have accountability, and full compliance with international and local regulations, they were confident that they’d be able to do so with this solution.

“Even if following the same international standards and regulations there is a need for customization on the individual company level. Auditrunner team keeps itself up to date with changes in regulations and standards. Auditrunner is fully customizable according to company needs. We are able to respond to quality standard changes with ease as the system is very responsive.”

Soon Auditrunner became a business partner rather than only a software provider.

“Communication is timely, and everyone is very responsive. The company needs were diagnosed correctly, and support team made timely interventions for solutions.”

Additionally, Ozgun was able to build a company digital enterprise memory. As a result of having their data collected from all related GRC departments and integrated on a single system, the Executive team, now, has better insight into the process. They are provided with an executive summary of the risk analysis and the Audit report is auto generated in international standards.

This was where the GRC team achieved the transparency they were seeking throughout the organization.

In the words of Sumeyye Kaya: “Auditrunner is the GRC software of the future. They are well prepared in GRC management and can lead the transformation and digitalization process professionally. Software capabilities and Development team is very strong.”

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